EU goods eligible for relief

EU goods eligible for relief

On the 31 March 2020, the European Commission issued guidance on customs during the Covid-19 outbreak, including the following measures:

  • waiver on traders requiring guarantees for specific customs procedures
  • the treatment of goods as temporary admissions with the deferment of import duty
  • a simplification of customs processes and in a few cases acceptance of transport / commercial documents to streamline trade procedures

These measures are only applicable to specific products and it is up to each customs authority in Europe to interpret their own procedures

You can make sure that your business is helping the supply chain run smoothly by ensuring that your goods are correctly classified (HS6 code), you are aware of any prohibitions or restrictions that may be applicable, and that you are not shipping to any denied parties.

Hurricane’s unique software solutions, including Duty and Tax calculations, Prohibited and Restricted commodity checks and Denied Party Screening will not only allow you to maximise your growth opportunities but also help your business remain compliant in the complex world of international trade.