HS Code Classification

Having the correct data avoids parcels being seized, held or returned.

Make Product Classifications simple with Hurricane API

Accurate HS (Harmonized System) codes will prevent your goods from being delayed or seized by customs authorities.

Hurricane’s AI-enhanced solutions checks the match between the HS6 code and/or the product description provided.

HS Code Lookup

HS Code Matching Solution

Our API also identifies any invalid descriptions and will return a status code for each consignment including a provision of the most likely HS6 code, product description, 8-digit export code and 10-digit import code.

This consignment data is required by customs authorities globally.


The introduction of new regulations such as ICS2 and The STOP Act in the US means complete, accurate and verifiable data is a requirement for any cross-border transaction.

Not supplying the correct data can lead to parcels being seized, destroyed, or returned at the cost of the sender.


  "data": {
    "partyScreen": {
      "action": "REVIEW",
      "createdAt": "2023-06-30T20:10:53.694Z",
      "createdBy": "organization_8eb9a8fc-8d6c-470b-a887-c8876bbab79c",
      "id": "screening_f4a458b1-b508-43c2-8321-6ffaeb1009ef",
      "mode": "LIVE",
      "party": {
        "id": "party_38c08ef2-165f-434d-aa50-5ec34c05239f",
        "organization": "organization_8eb9a8fc-8d6c-470b-a887-c8876bbab79c",
        "person": {
          "firstName": "Yevgeniy",
          "lastName": "Birkyukov"
      "matches": [
          "name": "EXACT_MATCH",
          "companyName": "NO_MATCH",
          "countryCode": "EXACT_MATCH",
          "locality": "EXACT_MATCH",
          "line1": "EXACT_MATCH",
          "scores": {
            "location": 0.99,
            "name": 0.96,
            "overall": 0.97
          "deniedParty": {
            "id": "denied_party_e8f06902-d9e6-33a0-9ed3-1db0f9ffe9e5",
            "aliases": null,
            "name": "BIRYUKOV, YEVGENIY L",
            "countryCode": "RU",
            "locality": "ST. PETERSBURG",
            "line1": "Pr. Yuria Gagarina 2, Office 801"

Data that supports sustainability


Our data enhancement service improves any business’s data to reduce transit times and improve the customer experience.

Accurate data also drives our duties and tax calculations, so important in being able to provide a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) solution to your customers.


In summary, the key takeaways for
product classification include:

Lack of the correct data can lead to parcels being seized, destroyed or returned at cost to the sender

New regulations, including the EU’s IOSS and ICS2, mean complete, accurate and valid data is a must have for any cross-border transaction

Correct data reduces transit times and enhances customer experience.


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