Carriers choose Hurricane to avoid customs delays and falling foul of cross-border regulations.

Why Carriers
Choose Hurricane

Reduce Customs Delays

Enabling your retailer customers to reduce customs delays and expedite clearance.

Avoid Fines

Avoiding delays and fines for your retailer customers caused by customs non-compliance.

Enhance Customer Experience

Maintaining the highest customer experience for your retailers that enable brand loyalty and repeat orders.

Add Value

Enabling your business to deliver additional international value-add services to your retailer customer base.

Global eCommerce

Opportunity For Growth

From an international supply-chain perspective, cross-border eCommerce resulted in the handling and distribution of 9.3 billion orders in 2020, an increase of 6 billion in just five years. Some 60% were intercontinental. (McKinsey & Company 2022)

Operating in the cross-border eCommerce space requires knowledge of international trade regulations, customs procedures, indirect tax demands, and documentation requirements.

Carriers and express companies specialise in cross-border logistics and have the expertise to navigate these complexities, providing the guidance and assistance to marketplaces, retailers and brands in meeting regulatory compliance and ensuring a smooth flow of goods.

But, to do so, they require the right partners.


The composition of cross-border parcel streams has changed dramatically in recent years. One of the principal reasons for this has been a swathe of regulatory events which are influencing the type of products that are suited for international online sales.

Increasing security and product safety demands
Increasing security and product safety demands which are driving key regulatory events including ICS2 and the US STOP Act along with other initiatives requiring complete and accurate advance electronic data (AED).
Increasing geo-political tensions

Increasing geo-political tensions around the world, resulting from the Ukraine-Russia conflict and other events. This has resulted in ever greater number of sanctions, which is putting increasing demands on the screening of parcels and the exchange of AED regarding content, country of origin, sender and addressee.

Indirect tax and customs reforms

Indirect tax and customs reforms have resulted in the abolishment of the VAT threshold, the creation of the EU’s Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) and the increased responsibility/liability for marketplaces and retailers. The number of countries that are working on tax and customs reforms and that are reviewing the responsibility and liability of marketplaces and other international sellers for the collection, declaration and payment of indirect taxes is growing fast.

The increased cost of International Mail Solution

The increased cost of International Mail Solution. The implementation of the new UPU tariff and the impact of the change in customs and tax regulations has resulted in a levelling effect between posts and commercial carriers and integrators.

Pain Points

Avoiding operational inefficiencies where customs clearance is not automated due to poor data.

Expensive overhead costs that are deployed to manually correct held shipments – a significant problem during peak trading.

Poor compliance management that has the significant risk of shipments being sent to denied parties.

No ‘wheels up’ process for the calculation and collection of duty/taxes leading to significant temporary storage requirements in a carrier hub.

No validation to ensure an export shipment can be imported into the country destination leading to unnecessary returns and poor customer experience.



Partnering with Hurricane will give a carrier / integrator a unique selling point in enabling it to support its customers with the required complete, accurate and valid data sets for cross-border eCommerce.

Hurricane Solutions


Reducing the volume of parcels held by customs from 30% to less than 0.5%

By utilising Hurricane’s world-leading data enhancement solution, Pro Carrier was able to transform the volume of parcels being held at customs…

Supporting data enhancement in preparation for ICS2

This global forwarder is implementing data enhancement in relation to ICS2 for all its streams that are originating in different countries and have the EU or UK as a destination…


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