The airline sector has to meet the requirement for complete, accurate and timely data.

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Data Accuracy

Automated fast and accurate data that improves operational efficiencies and processing of large volumes.

Full Screening

Ability to screen for prohibited and restricted items.

Enhanced Security

Ability to screen for denied parties, enhancing security and safety.

Regulatory Compliance

AI-driven solutions that support the various legal requirements associated with regulations including PLACI programs / US STOP Act and similar.

Huge Opportunity

Cross-border eCommerce presents a huge opportunity for the airline sector.

According to Statista, a conservative estimate is that the cross-border B2C eCommerce market could grow to $7.9 trillion by 2030.

With almost 10 billion cross-border eCommerce shipments a year, compared to just over 3 billion in 2015, the opportunity for the sector is too great to miss out on.

To succeed will require the adoption of true AI tech offering the speed and accuracy that is necessary to effectively manage the volumes involved in B2C.

A tech-driven approach enables businesses to accommodate customer growth without increasing overhead costs, facilitating seamless expansion in the dynamic eCommerce market.

PLACI: The global data requirement

To meet the ever-increasing security threats, authorities around the world are actively enhancing their cargo security programs. This International Air Transport Association (IATA) regime is known as PLACI (Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information).

Aimed at the safety of people and goods, these security programs take a risk management approach based on the provision of Advance Electronic Data (AED).

Some PLACI programs, such as the European Union’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2), are demanding specific data elements such as a mandatory HS Code.

The current PLACI programs include:

Historically, the data for cargo shipments has not always been timely or accurate. There are now many cases of a lack of the right data resulting in shipments being held or rejected.

Pain Points

Risk of moving goods that are prohibited & restricted items with risk of substantial fines and bans.

Lack of material with full data sets leading to operational delays and additional costs.

Inability to process large volumes in time for flight departure.

Legal requirement to understand what is being uplifted, driven by key regulation such as ICS2 second release with the requirement for complete, accurate & valid AED.

Safety and security aspect of items that lack the required complete and accurate data / screening checks.



Hurricane’s AI-driven solutions were created specifically to help our customers navigate the various pain points detailed above, enabling you to achieve cross-border eCommerce success.

With such large volumes involved in global eCommerce, scalability, operational and cost efficiency and regulatory compliance are only possible through the harnessing of applied technologies such as Hurricane’s suite of world-beating data APIs.

We cover the critical data areas of:

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