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Professional services firms can add value to their clients through the provision of world-leading AI solutions.

Why Professional Services
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Regulatory Compliance

Improved compliance for clients, including meeting the requirements of recent regulatory events such as Brexit, the EU’s abolition of the VAT threshold on low value items, the introduction of the EU’s Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS), the US STOP Act and the EU’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2)
Denied Parties eCommerce

Clear Audit Trail

Enable clients to be able to demonstrate a clear audit trail

Added Value Advisory Services

The ability to provide added value advisory services covering:
  • Operational efficiency (faster and more accurate data)
  • Cost saving and productivity (automated processes less costly than manual labour)
Professional Services Benefits

Navigating a Complex World

Complex business processes, such as cross-border eCommerce, coupled with regulatory and compliance challenges, provide a significant opportunity for consultancy practices and professional services.

Consumers are now more confident than ever about purchasing products from overseas with global retail eCommerce sales currently in the region of $5.7trillion – around 22% of which are cross-border (Statista). This figure is forecast to grow to over $8trillion by 2026.

There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of cross-border eCommerce, among them the greater availability of products and brands and the ability to shop around for the best deals.

While there are attractive returns for retailers, entering new markets, driving revenue growth and staying ahead of the competition, there are a myriad of other organisations involved in the complex supply chain and transaction payment processes.

Enhancing Operational Performance

The sector is attracting smaller, nimbler players, who are increasing the competitiveness and putting operational performance and margins under the microscope. A successful cross-border eCommerce strategy can be lucrative, but it is also a complex area and having the right partners is business critical. The ability to provide accurate and real time data will become not just necessary for compliance, but to ensure operational efficiencies and ultimately customer satisfaction.
Global eCommerce


Clients seek expertise to ensure reduction in compliance risk, to protect organisational reputation, to improve operational and financial performance and to increase customer satisfaction.
Clients are looking for AI-driven solutions, such as valid and verifiable data, throughout the end-to-end supply chain and, particularly, at the customs entry point.
Clients need solutions that can remove the need for traditional manual processes that can be replaced by AI-driven speed and accuracy.
Clients also need to consider fiscal flow and the benefits for online retailers of being able to offer their customers a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) solution.


Hurricane’s products were created specifically to help all supply chain participants to navigate the various pain points detailed above, enabling clients to achieve cross-border eCommerce success.

Hurricane is supporting global advisory practices as our comprehensive solutions cover over 180 countries for import and export, plus multi-currency and multilingual.

With such large volumes involved in global eCommerce, scalability, operational and cost efficiency and regulatory compliance are only possible through the harnessing of applied technologies such as Hurricane’s suite of world-beating data APIs.

Hurricane Solutions


Hurricane has produced a series of handy guides to support the customs clearance process:


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