One call covering the three critical areas of duty & tax calculation, prohibited & restricted goods screening and denied parties screening.

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What is it?

Aura combines three of Hurricane’s core cross-border services in one call.

A single call covers the critical areas of duty & tax calculation, prohibited & restricted goods screening and denied parties screening.

Hurricane Aura

Delivered Duty Paid Solution

These API services can be accessed individually or via a single combined API call. 

Hurricane’s Aura API can be seamlessly integrated into any front end or back end. 

A front-end integration allows carriers, retailers and marketplaces to offer their clients a landed cost calculation or Delivered Duty Paid solution (DDP), and also offers the possibility to flag prohibited and restricted goods and/or denied parties before shipping or even before the order is completed.

What does it do?

Aura provides the following solutions:

IOSS Calculation

Manage international taxes and duties​​

A real time duty and tax calculation, taking actual trade agreements, duty and tax thresholds and rates applied by the importing customs into consideration.


Calculates the duty rate, tax rate, duty payable and tax payable in the currency of the sending or receiving country.

Restricted Goods Screening

Prohibited & Restricted Items

Flagging of prohibited or restricted items, what can be shipped and where.


Identification of denied parties risks – Hurricane sources current information on denied parties, accessing information from over 250 key global and national lists.
Denied Parties Screening

Why do you need it?

Regulatory events including the EU’s abolition of the VAT exemption on low-value items, the introduction of the EU’s Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) and the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) mean that accurate duty and tax calculations and rigorous compliance screening are requirements to succeed in cross-border eCommerce trade.



What our
Customers say

One of the leading parcel delivery companies and a Hurricane customer.

Ed Ayyad, Director of International at EVRi, said:

“EVRi is committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience and a key part of this mission is ensuring parcels are able to move seamlessly on to their final destination.

“Achieving this requires the adoption of best-in-class technology and we are therefore delighted to announce that we have chosen Hurricane to be our global strategic partner for the provision of cross-border data solutions.”

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