Drive repeat customers with accurate in-cart duty and tax calculation

Why Marketplaces
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Duty & Tax Visibility

Providing accurate in-cart duty & tax visibility driving repeat orders, referrals, customer retention and a reduction of in-cart abandonment.

Streamline Customs

Faster/smoother customs clearance due to complete & accurate shipment data, that avoids expensive surcharges imposed by parcel carriers.

Drive Repeat Orders

Maintaining the highest customer experience and delivery promise that drive brand loyalty and repeat orders.

Reduce Admin

Significant reduction in seller / consumer service calls.

Easier Returns Process

Enabling an easier returns management process.

Avoid Fines

Avoiding delays and fines caused by customs non-compliance.

Cross border solutions for marketplaces

Growing Competition

The biggest online marketplaces across the globe, led by Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, were responsible for more than $3.25trillion in goods in 2022, an increase of 3% on the previous year, according to Digital Commerce 360.

Separate research published in 2022 by OC&C Strategy Consultants suggested that marketplace growth will continue at 15% per year in the western world and become as large as direct eCommerce by 2025, when it will account for circa 45-50% of all online spend.

Consumers are increasingly attracted to marketplaces because they can access a greater number of products and brands in one place, often at lower prices.

Newer players are emerging all the time including pure play marketplaces alongside traditional retailers opening their online stores to third party brands. There are also a growing number of more specialist marketplaces specialising in specific sectors such as fashion, automotive, electronics and home and garden.

Of the top 100 marketplaces in the world, 51 are in North America, 22 in Europe, 16 in Asia, 7 in Latin America and 3 in the Middle East & Africa.


The collection, screening and forwarding of data that is required within eCommerce supply chains including seller and production information, buyer information and logistic and delivery information.

Ensuring best experience across multiple areas including seller onboarding, product pricing, product listing, payment, financial tax reconciliation and recovery, customer and consumer experience and a more sustainable future.

The move towards greater levels of Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) – the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) being one major example of this – mean that marketplaces cannot afford to get their in-cart duty and tax calculations wrong.

Ensuring smooth and efficient customs clearance.

Meeting compliance requirements for security purposes (ICS2 and US Stop Act).


Partnering with Hurricane gives a marketplace a unique selling point in enabling it to support its sellers with the required complete, accurate and valid data sets for cross-border eCommerce.

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