A genuine game-changer. The first all-in-one API that keeps your parcels moving and ensures compliance with the latest cross-border regulations.

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Hurricane One Call, which we call Kona, is a one-stop cross-border data solution designed with high volume businesses in mind, such as postal operators, carriers, retailers, and marketplaces.

Hurricane Kona

World’s first all-in-one API

Such businesses often have a limited set of shipping information that needs to be enhanced to ensure compliance and enable the movement of goods smoothly across borders.

Kona provides for a single call covering the critical areas of cross-border data that must be complete and accurate to compete effectively in global eCommerce.

Kona is the first API of its kind to support customers across all of their cross-border data requirements – product classification, duty & tax calculation, prohibited & restricted goods screening and denied parties screening.

What does it do?

Kona provides the following services:

Product Classification

Using a description or optionally HS6 code, it generates a 10-digit import and export code, and a HS6 code if none was supplied.

HS Code Lookup
Data that supports sustainability

Suitability Codes

Returns a suitability code based on the description and optionally the HS6 code.

Denied Parties

Screens the receiver against over 250 global lists of denied parties, including sanctioned individuals and companies, if their details are provided.

Denied Parties Screening

Data Accuracy​​

Provides an accurate landed cost estimate.

Goods Screening

Screens all goods for any prohibitions and restrictions.

Restricted Goods Screening
Customs Clearance

Taric Measurement​​

Returns Taric Measurement Information (including European Y&C codes).


The regulatory landscape governing cross-border eCommerce has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.

Regulatory events have included the EU’s abolition of the VAT exemption on low-value goods and the introduction of the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS). Other factors impacting cross-border trade include the tougher enforcement of the US STOP Act, the launch of Import Control System 2 (ICS2) and the roll-out of Harmonised System 2022 (HS2022).



What our
customers say

Starlinks Global
International cross-border delivery specialist and a Hurricane customer.

Beth Chapman, Managing Director of Starlinks Global, said:

Kona, was a competitive all-in-one solution for our flourishing business. It is truly game-changing in terms of the data services it provides and the benefits it offers to our customers in achieving the best possible customs clearance experience.

“The integration of Kona means that Starlinks Global is able to provide our customers with the data services they require and fits with our broader commitment of developing and adopting best-in-class cross-border technologies to ensure our clients and consignees all over the world have the best possible delivery experience.”

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