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What is it?

Hurricane’s API takes a new approach to a real-world problem, enabling the efficient checking and completion of cross-border shipment pre-advice submitted to authorities by customers such as retailers and marketplaces. Among its many use cases are the checking/completing of pre-advice and customs declaration data submitted from retailers/supply chain partners and fast bulk assignment of HS codes to inventory or manifest data.
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What does it do?

Zephyr provides the following solutions:


Checks that the HS6 code and description are validated. If not, returns a status code indicating where the issue is.

HS Code Lookup
Customs Clearance


Provides suitable customs clearance information including a valid description, most likely HS6 and 8- and 10-digit export and import codes. Returns European Y&C and ECN Codes.

Data Checks

Flags bad descriptions such as gift, goods, sample, clothing, footwear etc.

Flagging Bad Descriptions

Why do you need it?

Success in cross-border eCommerce trade depends on the quality and accuracy if your data.

Increasingly tough regulations mean that your shipments require complete and accurate data sets including product descriptions and HS codes.

The sheer volume of parcels moving cross-border mean that AI-driven data solutions, rather than manual processes, are the only way to achieve true scale.



What our
customers say

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A rapidly growing cross-border eCommerce shipping specialist and a Hurricane customer.

Some of the UK’s biggest online retailers, handling high volumes of cross-border transactions, were experiencing severe issues with shipments being held at customs due to poor data.

By integrating Hurricane’s data enhancement solution, our customer, logistics specialist Pro Carrier, was able to reduce the volume of parcels held at customs from over 30% in peak 2021 to less than 0.5% in peak 2022.

Pro Carrier said:

“The provision of clean and accurate AI-driven data by Hurricane gives retailers and their customers the confidence and assurance that their products will arrive on time.”

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