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Streamline Customs

Enhanced data to enable streamlined customs clearance, whilst reducing the need for manual intervention.

Ensure Compliance

Technology driven compliance solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

Speed & Accuracy

Market leading API speed and accuracy levels, without volume limitations.

Provide DDP Solution

Duty & Tax calculation to support a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) solution.
Cross Border Postal Services Solutions

Challenging Market

Cross-border eCommerce is responsible for the handling and distribution of over 9.3 billion orders with 60% of those orders intercontinental (McKinsey & Company 2022).

Global retail eCommerce sales are currently in the region of $5.7trillion – around 22% of which are cross-border (Statista). This figure is forecast to grow to over $8trillion by 2026.

Postal operators have traditionally dominated this market with over two thirds of parcels being delivered via the International Mail Service.

This international service is characterised by competitive pricing, reliable transit times, simple customs clearance procedures and access to the postal delivery network which is characterised by its density and is ideal for B2C parcels.

However, the rapid growth of mail parcels delivered via this channel has been severely impacted in recent years, mainly due to several important regulatory developments and initiatives.


Increasing security and product safety demands which are driving key regulatory events including ICS2 and the US STOP Act along with other initiatives requiring complete and accurate advance electronic data (AED).
Increasing geo-political tensions around the world, resulting from the Ukraine-Russia conflict and other events. This has resulted in ever greater number of sanctions, which is putting increasing demands on the screening of parcels and the exchange of AED regarding content, country of origin, sender and addressee.
Indirect tax and customs reforms have resulted in the abolishment of the VAT threshold, the creation of the EU’s Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) and the increased responsibility/liability for marketplaces and retailers. The number of countries that are working on tax and customs reforms and that are reviewing the responsibility and liability of marketplaces and other international sellers for the collection, declaration and payment of indirect taxes is growing fast.
The increase in international postal supply chain costs is not only due to the various regulatory events. The implementation of the new UPU ‘Self-Declared Rate’ tariff system has since 2020 also contributed to a delivery cost increase and the deployment of different bulk transport, clearance and direct injection solutions.
The creation of efficient cross-border eCommerce supply chains that are guaranteeing acceptable transit times and that are requiring the electronic exchange of complete and valid data, data that is required for the efficient performance of the required export and import border formalities.
The avoidance of compliance risks which can lead to serious fines for postal operators and their customers.
The availability of IOSS and DDP solutions that are enabling marketplaces and sellers to collect taxes and duties from the recipient and declare and pay taxes and duties in the country of destination.


Partnering with Hurricane gives a postal operator a unique selling point in enabling it to support its customers with the required complete, accurate and valid data sets for cross-border eCommerce.
Hurricane Solutions


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