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Read about how some of Hurricane’s customers are using our products to transform their cross-border businesses through greater data accuracy, duty & tax calculation and world-leading compliance screening.

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Reducing the volume of parcels held by customs from 30% to less than 0.5%

By utilising Hurricane’s world-leading data enhancement solution, Pro Carrier was able to transform the volume of parcels being held at customs.

During peak 2021, over 30% of parcels were being held, but following the integration with Hurricane, this figure reduced dramatically to less than 0.5% in peak 2022.

The impact of Hurricane’s solution means that Pro Carrier has the confidence that deliveries will arrive with the end consumer on time and in full.

Guy Fischer, Managing Director, Pro Carrier, said: “Pro Carrier’s partnership with Hurricane is already creating huge advantages for clients sending products into the EU. Going from 30% of parcels held in Peak 2021 to sub 1% in Peak 2022 is testament to the clean, accurate data vetted by Hurricane. At Pro Carrier, we’re performing above the market standard for customs clearances – something other providers struggle to offer.”

Postal operator transforms data accuracy

An Post was one of the earliest adopters of Hurricane’s Zephyr API and data accuracy on its shipments has since increased to over 90%.

Cyril McGrane, An Post’s Director of International Trade, said:

“We are investing heavily in our cross-border eCommerce capability and Hurricane plays an important part in this.

“By utilising Hurricane’s Zephyr API, An Post has been able to improve data accuracy on cross-border shipments to well over 90%. This has been a game-changer in terms of meeting the requirements of customs authorities as well as enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience.”

More recently, Hurricane has been supporting An Post with meeting its data requirements in line with the enforcement of ICS2 second release for all shipments coming to or via the EU by air.

SEKO meets requirement for denied parties screening

SEKO was seeking to win a contract with a major global marketplace but one of the key requirements was to be able to provide a Denied Parties Screening solution on all parcel traffic coming into Australia. Ensuring that you are not selling to the wrong people is becoming increasingly important for eCommerce retailers and marketplaces. The penalties, both financial and reputational for getting it wrong, are substantial. Hurricane was selected as the data partner to provide SEKO with our Denied Parties Screening solution.

SEKO’s David Emerson, said: “In today’s global eCommerce, nothing moves without the right data. Increasing rules and regulations mean that shipments have to have accurate data sets otherwise they are going to run into severe problems.

“For SEKO, it is an imperative that we keep our customers’ goods moving and Hurricane is a key partner in enabling us to achieve this.”

Supporting data enhancement in preparation for ICS2

This global forwarder is implementing data enhancement in relation to ICS2 for all its streams that are originating in different countries and have the EU or UK as a destination.

Our data enhancement solution is validating and completing the required customs code and is screening for prohibited and restricted goods and denied parties. Our customer is now planning to use Hurricane to ensure that the tax and duty calculation provided by their customer is correct, enabling it to meet the requirements of the EU’s IOSS and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) streams.

Reduce time to lodge an accurate customs declaration from 1-2 hours to 3-4 minutes.

Preparing customs declarations is complex and requires experienced customs brokers to approve lodgement after considerable data entry into the many and varied fields of an online declaration system. Typically, a customs declaration will take at least 1-2 hours to create. Often, there is no ability to monitor duty changes in real time. Hence, duty is often overpaid.

By utilising Hurricane, integrated to a leading freight forwarding, automated customs solution with accurate data, the declaration lodgement process is less than 5 minutes, with minimal data entry required. Potential resource savings are more than US$500,000 annually.

By submitting accurate declarations, freight forwarders & customs brokers will avoid hefty penalties and fines. In addition, duty savings are greater than US$200,000 annually for an SME trader and over US$1 million for a larger enterprise. 

A leading cross-border shoe retailer had a serious issue with cart abandonment which was impacting its cross-border sales strategy.

By integrating Hurricane’s Duty & Tax calculator, providing online customers with full visibility of payable duties and taxes, our customer improved its sales conversion rate by 32%.

The retailer says , says: “Implementing Hurricane has been a success story for this company. A/B testing after implementation showed that accurate estimates provided in the basket with the option to pay in advance improved conversion rates by as much as 32%. The information acts as a re-assuring factor and encourages overseas customers to purchase. Without question this has improved our international business in our key markets.”

The streamlining and upgrading of international retail offer

A leading postal operator has made use of Hurricane’s data services to upgrade the international parcel offer in its retail network. This includes supporting the consumer with the provision/validation of the correct product description and HS6 code and the screening for prohibited and restricted items. All of this is delivered via a customised and highly consumer friendly solution. The upgrade of this retail service has resulted in volume growth and during 2023 is being made available for export to 110 countries.

Validation and completion of datasets that are handled via major customer platforms

A leading global postal operator has integrated Hurricane’s data solutions in its 2 major customer platforms and in its first year is already covering 65% of all exported small parcel volume.

The data received from customers, via pre-advises, is validated and where necessary completed. Screening for prohibited and restricted goods and denied parties is also part of the process that has been developed by this operator.

This process is successfully smoothing the import and export cross-border operations and is avoiding liability for regulatory non-compliance.

The ROI for the postal operator includes operational cost savings, shorter transit times and fewer returns.

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Asendia by La Poste and Swiss Post

"Asendia USA is all about empowering our customers to grow across borders through the provision of a range of eCommerce and mail delivery services.

"Hurricane’s solutions are already making a difference and is a good fit with our wider range of customized solutions that reduce costs, improve transit times and provide a superior customer experience."

Bob Puppa

Chief Operating Officer of Asendia USA


"EVRi is committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience and a key part of this mission is ensuring parcels are able to move seamlessly on to their final destination.

"Achieving this requires the adoption of best-in-class technology and we are delighted to have Hurricane as our global strategic partner for the provision of cross-border data solutions."

Ed Ayyad

Director of International at EVRi


"Our carrier management platform constantly adapts to eCommerce challenges and this partnership is a vital addition to our offering. It will give Intersoft customers peace of mind when shipping internationally.

"The ability to use Hurricane’s generated HS codes within our label production means customers will have one less obstacle to overcome. The integrity of data matters, and with Hurricane’s intuitive AI constantly learning from its users, we can integrate that data in a seamless way."

James Thomas

Managing Director of Intersoft


"We pride ourselves on only working with the best-in-class and Hurricane’s solutions are truly world-leading in the field of data provision.

"In today’s global eCommerce, nothing moves without the right data. Increasing rules and regulations mean that shipments have to have accurate data sets otherwise they are going to run into severe problems.

"For SEKO, it is an imperative that we keep our customers’ goods moving and Hurricane is a key partner in enabling us to achieve this."

David Emerson

Senior Vice-President eCommerce Solutions at SEKO

Emirates Post Group

"The expansion of our international eCommerce parcels business is one of our top priorities. We were impressed by the experience and knowledge of the Hurricane team and the quality of the data solutions they have developed."

Peter Somers

Ex-CEO of Emirates Post

An Post Logo

"We are investing heavily in our cross-border eCommerce capability and Hurricane is an important partner. The continuing enhancement of the data quality on parcels will ensure we meet the regulatory requirements and provide benefits operationally, financially and in customer satisfaction."

Cyril McGrane

An Post’s Director of International Trade


"The integration of Hurricane’s game-changing data solutions will significantly enhance the capability of our OCR engine and is part of our commitment to providing our postal operator and courier customers with a total set of solutions."

Brody Buhler

CEO of Escher Group

AEB logo

"AEB’s partnership with Hurricane ensures that both our businesses continue to be at the cutting edge of cross-border eCommerce. Together our solution will enable frictionless cross-border trade."

Geoff Taylor

Managing Director of AEB (International)


Kona, was a competitive all-in-one solution for our flourishing business. It is truly game-changing in terms of the data services it provides and the benefits it offers to our customers in achieving the best possible customs clearance experience.

The integration of Hurricane’s Kona solution means that Starlinks Global is able to provide our customers with the data services they require, ensuring the best possible delivery experience.”

Beth Chapman

Managing Director of Starlinks Global


“Given key regulatory changes that are now coming into play for ICS2 second release around the provision of HS Codes for shipping into the EU, NZ Post recognises now more than ever the need to ensure complete and accurate data to support free flow trade for our customers when sending overseas.

“Hurricane will enable us to meet these obligations while providing a seamless cross-border shipping experience for our customers through efficient checking and completion of cross-border shipment pre-advice data.”

Fern Sandercock

NZ Post’s Head of Product, International Solutions (Acting)

International Post Corporation

“Through partnerships with the likes of Hurricane Commerce, IPC is enabling our members and other posts to meet the ICS2 requirement for mandatory AED, but also many other customs and security requirements, through a common system, resulting in a reduction in complexity, implementation costs, and time.”

Holger Winklbauer

CEO of the International Post Corporation

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