Customs brokers must embrace automated solutions to succeed in B2C eCommerce

Why Customs Brokers
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Data Accuracy

Technology-driven enhanced and accurate data – including HS codes / duty & tax calculation / denied parties screening, ensuring your customers’ goods keep flowing.

Smoother Customs Flow

Complete customs ready data drives significant reduction to the on-hold rate for B2B and B2C shipments.

Remove Manual Processes

Fast and accurate real-time automation of customs data that removes expensive manual processes, enabling growth and margin improvement.

Improve Scalability

Technology that ensures your business can support customer growth without the need to increase your overheads.

Cross Border Customs Broker Solutions

Faster Customs Clearance

More than half of international eCommerce shipments take more than eight days to arrive at their destination with the time needed to clear customs the biggest single factor.

The introduction in the UK of BIRDS (Bulk Import Reduced Dataset) and the EU’s Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) for low value consignments is simplifying the customs clearance process for B2C goods, resulting in more customs brokers moving into the cross-border eCommerce space.

Having the right systems in place is essential in supporting retailers who will typically have a mix of low and high value goods with the requirement to manifest each category of items separately, thereby enabling customs to clear your goods smoothly, quickly and with the correct payment of duties and taxes.

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Inability to scale due to dependency on traditional manual processes rather than technology automation.

Poor classification of goods resulting in inaccurate customs declarations.

The wrong duty and tax calculation leading to charging errors and significant risk of back dated financial exposure when taxation authorities’ audits take place.

Protecting reputation, avoiding fines and other penalties that can result from a failure to flag prohibited and restricted items and denied parties.


The need for complete, accurate and valid data, including the right product description and HS code, is critical in the world of cross-border eCommerce as is the need for goods to move as fast as possible to the end consumer, while ensuring the most relevant customs regimes are maximised.

Yet set against these requirements is the greater level of complexity in B2C consignments with huge volumes and the different data elements that need to be captured for the multitude of products being moved.

Customs brokers are ultimately responsible for keeping their customers compliant and that means having the correct data sets, something that is only possible in B2C eCommerce through the integration of automated solutions and a reduction in dependency on manual operatives.

Hurricane is the world-leader in the provision of data services to enable customs brokers to enter into and scale in the cross-border eCommerce market.


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Calculate your Return on Investment with Hurricane