Prohibited and Restricted Goods Screening

The responsibility to carry out prohibited and restricted goods screening falls upon every party involved in a purchase, from the seller, the marketplace, logistics companies, to the carriers.

Hurricane will help you comply with customs regulations

If an order is placed and the goods have restrictions placed on them, the seller, buyer, or distributor has the responsibility to acquire any permissions or licences required, as well as ensure that the parcel being sent is compliant with all local customs regulations prior to shipping/exporting.

Failure to do so can result in parcels being seized or destroyed, along with heavy fines per violation and potential imprisonment if the violation is severe enough.

Restricted Goods Screening

Data from trusted sources

The Hurricane Prohibited & Restricted Goods data is sourced by our team of experienced content experts, using a comprehensive range of trusted sources.


Hurricane provides your business with the information required to make a decision on whether goods can be imported or not, and what specific licences are required.

Prohibited Goods Screening


In summary, the key takeaways for
prohibited & restricted goods screening include:

Failure to comply can result in substantial fines and / or jail time

Breaching regulations can cause severe reputational damage

Provides retailers with peace of mind to concentrate on growing their business in a legally compliant way.


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