Is AI tech transforming cross-border eCommerce?

Is AI tech transforming cross-border eCommerce?

Hurricane CEO Martyn Noble was recently interviewed by Post & Parcel’s MER magazine.

The resulting article was extremely wide-ranging, but at its centre was the transformational impact that true AI tech is having on the cross-border eCommerce supply chain.

There is a huge amount of noise surrounding AI and, in particular, the so-called Large Language Model (LLM) AIs, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4.

While LLMs are effective at performing certain tasks such as drafting a job description for a Java developer or writing an Instagram post, they differ markedly from the vertical AI systems deployed by Hurricane, systems that have been tailored to address specific industry issues.

Our AI provides complete, accurate and scalable data in 100 milliseconds or less whereas LLMs will take minutes and won’t have anything like the same accuracy levels.

Hurricane CEO Martyn NobleAs Martyn says in the MER article: “Hurricane’s true AI systems have been almost eight years in the making and the breadth and depth of our tech’s capability continues to evolve. There will be new releases of Hurricane products this year and we are already working on product innovations for the next 3-5 years.

“In recent months we have started to roll out our game-changing all-in-one Kona product, the first product of its kind in the world giving our customers the ability to access product classification, duty and tax calculation, prohibited and restricted goods screening and denied parties screening in one API call.”

This is possible due to the fantastic in-house team of technical talent and, alongside this, a willingness to listen to our customers and work with them to shape our products to meet their specific challenges.

This approach has resulted in Hurricane’s sustained year-on-year growth which has seen the company become the global leader in the delivery of true AI solutions to the postal and carrier sector.

But it is also now taking us into multiple new sectors such as customs brokers, freight forwarders, retailers, marketplaces and financial and professional services.

Hurricane is also expanding into new geographic territories, notably North America with the appointment of the experienced logistics professional Laurie Cieciuch as our Partnerships Director and, most recently, the selection of Time Express as our exclusive reseller in the MENA region.

The market opportunity for Hurricane is significant. As Martyn tells MER: “Carriers, postal operators, freight forwarders, customs brokers, marketplaces and other players in the cross-border eCommerce ecosystem have the opportunity to seize a huge competitive advantage by harnessing the right tools, including true deep vertical AI tech, to simplify and streamline the lives of their customers, improve their own productivity and reduce total unit cost.

The requirement for speed and accuracy of data is not just about transportation. The tech that we have built at Hurricane is applicable both upstream and downstream whether that is tax reconciliation and auditing or responding to the increasing fragmentation of the world traditionally occupied by the posts and carriers but now opening up to the likes of the forwarders and brokers.”.

Hurricane is ready to enable our customers across all of the sectors in which we now operate to deploy our AI-driven tech in their pursuit of smooth customs flows and seamless cross-border eCommerce.

You can read the full MER article here –

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