Hurricane looks ahead to cross-border trends in 2023

Hurricane looks ahead to cross-border trends in 2023

Hurricane co-founder David Spottiswood has been sharing his thoughts regarding likely trends in cross-border eCommerce in 2023.

David was interviewed by Ian Kerr for the Postal Hub Podcast along with Thiemo van Spellen, Group Global Accounts Managing Director, DPDgroup, and Ann Snitko, Chief Product Development Officer, Omnic.

After two years of major regulatory events impacting international eCommerce, 2023 is set to be the year when customs and government authorities across the globe get tough. Watch out for the launch of ICS2 in March 2023 and greater enforcement of the US STOP Act.

Central to the requirements will be mandatory data sets including complete, accurate and compliant product descriptions and HS6 codes.

Hurricane is the world-leader in the provision of such data via our AI-driven, real-time solutions, Zephyr and Aura.

Postal Hub Podcast PanelCustomers including Australia Post, Royal Mail, SEKO, Emirates Post, DG Pro Carrier, An Post and Hong Kong Post depend on Hurricane to enable them to achieve seamless cross-border eCommerce trade – improving their efficiencies, enhancing customer satisfaction and supporting their global growth strategies.

Have a listen to the latest Postal Hub Podcast. Apart from David’s musings on the importance of getting your data right, you can hear Thiemo discussing the effect of geo-political events on the delivery industry and Ann sharing her thoughts on how parcel delivery is changing with increasing use of robots and parcel lockers.

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