Customs clearance and the importance of getting the data right

Customs clearance and the importance of getting the data right

Hurricane co-founders David Spottiswood and Martin Palmer were invited to take part in the PEN-CAST podcast, run by the Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners.

In conversation with host Tom Mueller, they discussed in depth how the continuing growth in global eCommerce has increased the need for everyone in the supply chain to ensure that their shipment data is complete, accurate and compliant.

Various regulatory events including the US STOP Act, ICS2 and the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) have intensified the requirement for the provision of the best possible data.

But as David says: “A customer recently told us it’s not about various events and dates, it’s about the challenge of keeping on top of the growing demands for data.”

Martin commented in the podcast: “Goods are not really delayed, it’s the data associated with the goods that causes the delays.”

As a result of partnering with Hurricane, some customers have improved their data accuracy from around 28% to over 90%.

Harnessing AI-driven, real-time data solutions to achieve accuracy and speed in the modern world of cross-border eCommerce is vital given the high volume of shipments involved in transportation.

Hurricane was invited to take part in the podcast because it is a partner to PEN-CP, part of the European Union’s Horizon Project.

You can listen to the PEN-CAST podcast in below:

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