Hurricane Commerce
& Deposco

Hurricane Commerce is delighted to be partnering with Deposco to provide its customers with AI tech to power a smooth customs flow.



Hurricane is the world leader in the provision of cross-border data that powers a smooth customs flow.

Founded eight years ago, our company has built a global customer base including carriers, postal operators, retailers, marketplaces, customs brokers, freight forwarders and others involved in the supply chain.

Getting your data right at source has never been more important. Complete, accurate and timely data is vital to ensure the smooth physical and fiscal flow of goods across borders.

Hurricane’s true AI tech covers the critical areas of:

Hurricane Solutions

Why Choose

Our products including Kona, the world’s first all-in-one cross-border API, that allows you to combine all the above services in one call.

Enhanced data to enable streamlined customs clearance, while reducing the need for manual intervention.

Technology driven compliance solutions to enable least cost entry and success in new cross-border markets.

Market leading API speed and accuracy levels, without volume limitations.

Ongoing investment in machine learning and AI to ensure our customers continue to benefit from market leading technology.

Compliance with latest cross-border regulations and their requirement for mandatory data sets including HS codes etc.

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