Postal operators “will lose business” if they don’t prepare for introduction of ICS2

Postal operators “will lose business” if they don’t prepare for introduction of ICS2

Postal operators will lose business to their competitors if they do not act to prepare for the introduction of stringent new regulations.

Posts are currently exempt from having to submit an entry summary declaration via the Import Control System (ICS) before importing goods into the European Union’s customs territory.

But the implementation of Import Control System 2 (ICS2) from March 15, 2021, will compel Posts to provide a minimum data set (PLACI or ENS) including an accurate product description and, as of 2023, a valid HS6 code.

It will also be the responsibility of the importing Post to submit the correct entry summary declaration. An efficient solution will need to be in place, especially when the exporting Post does not provide the minimum data set.

Martyn Noble, CEO of Hurricane Commerce, said: “Submitting incomplete or incorrect data will cause shipments to be held by customs until the appropriate data has been submitted.

“This will impact hugely on transit times and customer experience. The effect of this will be that eCommerce retailers will move to other postal providers which have the right systems and processes in place to meet the requirements of ICS2.

“Efficiency and customer experience are key to any Post looking to secure their position and increase revenues. Not being prepared for ICS2 is simply not an option.”

Hurricane has developed a multi-lingual data enhancement solution called Zephyr to enable Posts to complete and submit their entry summary declaration to ICS2. Zephyr validates product descriptions, returning a status code if invalid. It also provides a valid 10-digit import code as well as the most likely HS6 code and product description.

Martyn added: “Zephyr has been proven to handle high volume data in lightning quick time with return times of 100 milliseconds. It not only gives postal operators peace of mind that all entry summary declarations via ICS2 are automated and compliant, but that they will be able making savings and improve their transit times by making use of fast track customs lanes.

“It also represents a fantastic opportunity for any Post to grow their business and improve their value offering over competitors.”

Hurricane Commerce is increasingly the preferred choice of postal services, postal authorities, eCommerce platforms, eCommerce retailers, carriers, logistics specialists and other software providers across the globe.

The company consists of some of the brightest tech talent combined with senior backgrounds from the logistics industry. It operates from offices in the UK, US, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The business’s four pillars are: data enhancement, duty and tax calculations, prohibited and restricted goods screening and denied party screening.


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